Site Update: Christmas Vacation!


December is already here, which means that 2016 is almost mercifully at it’s end! This has been a real busy year for all of us, so due to that and the impending family obligations that the holidays bring, we are taking the rest of the year off for our own sanity. We’ll be back some time in January to finish off Extreme Justice, which we are somehow already about 75% of the way through already. What comes afterwards is still in the air; as much fun as DC has given us, we might end up taking on a title from another publisher for the sake of fairness.

As we head out for the month, I want to extend our gratitude to our readers. Whether you’re here regularly or just happened upon us while searching for Guy Gardner/Militia slash art and decided to stick around for a bit, we appreciate you.

Enjoy your holiday(s) of choice, and we will see you in 2017!

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