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I figured we would start with a short introduction to Guy Gardner, so that you can get an idea where the character was when the Warrior saga began. There’s plenty of back story that will come up in the series proper, and we’ll get to most of it later, but I feel like it’s important to at least know the events leading up to this series so we’re all on the same page going in.

Up to this point, Guy had spent his time in the Justice League (actually a very good run if you haven’t read it). He considered himself the leader of the group, but really his biggest contribution was getting punched in the face by his teammates over and over again (possibly because he was a dick to everyone), starting with Batman in only the 5th issue:

Honestly the greatest moment in sequential art to date.

Honestly the greatest moment in sequential art to date.

And then just continuing from there:

I warned you about punches bro!

I warned you about punches bro!

And again:

It keeps happening

It keeps happening!

I’m pretty sure I’m missing some. One of these days I’ll have to put together a definitive collection.

Somewhere along the line, he and Ice ended up in a relationship, which I’m only really bringing up because it is mentioned a lot in the story to come. Eventually, Superman joined the team and took charge, which pissed Guy off enough to make him want to quit.


The cover sums it up better than anything inside this issue sadly.

Shortly after this, Hal Jordan returned to Earth from wherever he was and wanted to take over as Earth’s Green Lantern (I guess he gave it up or something? Maybe that’s covered in Hal Jordan Colon Quitter). Since Guy is really good at fighting other heroes, he challenged Hal to a fist fight, proposing that whoever lost gave up his ring and quit the Green Lantern Corps. Things went as well as you would expect.

Didn't see that coming.

Didn’t see that coming.

Guy gave his ring to Hal in shame and walked away, vowing to come back somehow. And that somehow is where we begin!

Next Time: Local asshole discovers one weird trick to being a 90’s superhero!

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