Guy Gardner #12: Dream a Deadly Dream


TGH: Welcome back, faithful readers, to another exciting Guy Gardner adventure. Last week Chuck Dixon took over and started a story about Guy having his memories stolen by aliens, which gives him a chance to rewrite Guy as a remotely sympathetic character.

DN: Chuck Dixon. DC fill-in writer extraordinaire.

TGH: Will this make for better stories?

QP: Survey says: no. Continue reading

Guy Gardner #2 & #3: What’s a Guy to Do?/In Space, No One Can Hear You Fight!


Editor’s Note: Fellow contributor DN was on his way here via wormhole, but was kicked out into limbo. He will rejoin us once he finds his way out.

TGH: Welcome back! Last time, Guy spent 4 issues trying to get Sinestro’s ring, only to break it immediately.

QP: At least he didn’t start smacking it like it was a sensitive electronic on the fritz.

TGH: Maybe even Sinestro’s ring thinks Guy is too much of a dick.

QP: Seems likely. Continue reading