Guy Gardner: Warrior #21: Fist Forward, Face Down


TGH: Welcome to the final battle of Super Guy Gardner: Warrior Edition! Last time, Guy and a bunch of other frankly unimportant heroes traveled to Oa to find out why all of the Green Lanterns were dying, only to find out that the planet was under siege by the apparently now-evil Hal Jordan! Last issue ended right as Hal and Guy were about to go at it. Will Guy prove to be victorious? Let’s find out! The issue opens with….oh. Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #20: Shootout at the Oa Corral


TGH: Welcome back my friends to the comic that never ends! Last week, Guy finally settled the score with Militia, who ended up being Guy’s brother Mace, thought to be dead for years. This issue picks up right where we left off, with Captain Atom, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman getting the crap kicked out of them. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Spectacular! JLA #28: A Date With Density


TGH: Welcome to a very special Valentine’s Day edition of Guy Gardner! Before Emerald Twilight kicks into its action-packed (and certainly important) second half, we thought we would go back to Guy and Ice’s first date, as seen in the classic Justice League #28, and see how far things have come. Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #19: The Big Frosty


TGH: Welcome back, Guy Gardner fans and robot enthusiasts! Last time we saw our hero, he was given a robosuit by Blue Beetle, then he went to make up with Ice, whose injured breasts are on full display after his arch enemy/giant manbaby Militia was fired out of a submarine into them. It’s…complicated. Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #17: Warrior Road


TGH: Welcome to a very special installment of Guy Gardner! We’ve been through a lot together up to this point, but nothing can prepare us for the 1st Scorchin’ Issue of Guy Gardner: Warrior! I for one can’t even handle the costume, and we haven’t even opened the book yet! Also I’m just going to pretend that his widow’s peak goes the whole way to his nose. Continue reading

Guy Gardner #14: Guys and Draals


TGH: Welcome, Guy Gardner Nation, to the final chapter of the time Guy was kidnapped and electrocuted in the neck a bunch of times! Last time, Guy and his Lantern friends managed to escape from their prison and made a break for it, only to be stopped by Guy Gardner’s evil clone, who owns the only other pair of those boots! Will Guy and company make it out of here alive? Continue reading