Guy Gardner: Warrior #41: Guys & Babes in Toyland/Guy Gardner: Warrior Boy-Toy…Just Peachy!


TGH: Welcome once again to your weekly dose of lousy ’90s comics! As we rush towards the merciful end to Guy Gardner: Warrior, we find ourselves at a pretty strange issue, which I know isn’t saying much, but still. The basic premise is Guy is having a cartoon made about his definitely not-safe-for-children adventures, so the top half of each page is what’s really happening, and the bottom half is the cartoon’s depiction of the same events. I’m pretty sure that’s what the cover is trying to convey, though both halves are almost the exact same, so good job with that, guys! Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #40: Good Things Ain’t Been Comin’ In the Packages I’ve Been Gettin’!


TGH: Welcome back everyone to issue 40 of Guy Gardner: Warrior! We’re so close to the end I can taste it! Last time we had a Christmas issue where Guy got everything he could ever want while the entire DC Universe stood around and smiled at him. I have a feeling that his party was never mentioned in any of the other ongoing titles, so I’m sure nothing of value really came from it. There’s no telling what kind of trouble Guy will even find himself in this week, though the cover shows him in the most “cornered rat” pose we’ve ever seen him in. Continue reading

Showcase 96: Friends, Foes, and the Other Guys/Good Guy, Bad Guy, and the Other Guys


TGH: Welcome back, readers! This week, before we get to Christmas at Warrior’s, we’re looking at the issues of Showcase 96 that featured Guy. It’s not a particularly important story, but it seems to take place chronologically after the one we just read, since Guy is back on Earth, and Evil Guy is going by The Enforcer, so it must be after he made his deal with Neron. Frankly, though, “From the pages of Superman” is a bit of a stretch. Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #38: Seduction of the Not So Innocent


TGH: Welcome back, Warrior’s VIP members, to yet another issue of Guy Gardner: Warrior! Last time, Guy was in space, being tempted by Neron to murder people, and decided to finally come back to Earth. Also, there were no weird drawings of ladies on the cover. Will Guy arrive on Earth in this issue, and more importantly, will there be a really awkward drawing of a lady on the cover? So far, it looks like the answer to at least one of those questions is a resounding “Yes!” Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #37: Let’s Make a Deal


TGH: Welcome back to another Guy Gardner adventure! Last time, Evil Guy Gardner inexplicably showed up at Warrior’s and fought a bunch of awful, random villains. It was clear that a piece of the puzzle was missing since there was supposed to be a fight with Real Guy Gardner, but we found out that more of the story took place in Darkstars #37. Well, it turns out that I don’t have that issue! Not to worry, though. I’m sure everything will be easy enough to pick up. Let us go ahead and check out the cover, which shows…Guy trying to murder John Stewart? Son of a bitch. Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #36: The Darker Side of Evil


TGH: Welcome back to the next exciting installment of Guy Gardner: Warrior! Two weeks in a row; a new record! Last time, Guy ran into his evil clone from years ago! Look, there he is on this fantastic cover!

QP: This cover is the best art we’ve seen on this book in months.

TGH: I am suddenly regretting not making this my Halloween costume, flames and all. Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #34: Deathrock: Justice Is Coming


TGH: Welcome back to what is finally, FINALLY the last issue of this crossover (finally)! Last week, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Probert broke Guy out of his creepy rape chamber, only to have Karine hit the alarm and fly away, leaving an apparently planet-wide army to kill everyone. Will they make it through in one piece? How will they manage to wrap up the story if they’re already setting up a giant battle against randos? Here’s a hint: sloppily! Continue reading

Hawkman #23: Essential Warfare


TGH: Welcome back, dear readers, to yet another issue of this Guy Gardner crossover! See that light off in the distance? We’re almost at the end of the tunnel! Last time, the Justice League had an almost unrelated adventure involving a giant space fetus, but now we get back on track with…another Hawkman issue?! God damn it. Continue reading