Extreme Justice #4: The Brave and the Crazy


TGH: Welcome back to another exciting Extreme Justice adventure!


TGH: Last week finally, FINALLY wrapped up the invasion and occupation of Mount Thunder storyline, but there’s no time to relax, as Ronnie Raymond has fire cancer! And judging by the cover, our heroes making this entirely their business, and it’s up to Electric Amazing-Man to stop him! Continue reading

Extreme Justice #2: High Stakes


TGH: Welcome back to another exciting Extreme Justice adventure!


TGH: Last time, Captain Atom and his team finally got what was coming to them when a bunch of robots attacked them in direct response to breaking into their home. Then Captain Atom exploded like the true leader he is! The cover starts where we last left off, with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold sneaking through the sewers while some robot sneaks up behind them, I guess! Continue reading

Extreme Justice #1: Mad Dogs and Superheroes


TGH: Welcome back to issue #1 of Extreme Justice, which is the second issue because comics. Last time, Captain Atom and his Amazing Friends broke into a government facility illegally with the intent of taking it for their own. Unfortunately, some guys called The Peacekeepers have been dispatched to keep the peace. Will Captain Atom murder them on the spot? (Firestorm also has deadly cancer and will be forced to come to EXTREME terms with his mortality!) Continue reading

Extreme Justice #0: With a Bang


TGH: Welcome, everyone, to a new era of comics, and by that I mean literally the exact same era of comics as last time!

BW: It’s exciting! It’s new! It’s EXTREME!

QP: For some value of Extreme.

DN: That’s right, because YOU demanded it, we’re reading EXTREME JUSTICE.

QP: This is your fault.

DN: The blame is on YOU.

QP: Don’t forget that. Continue reading

Time Paradoxes and Odd Coincidences: An Extreme Justice Primer

Hello again, readers! It’s been a while, but soon we will once again enter the world of comic book horror with the mercifully short run of Extreme Justice, a mid-’90s spin-off of the Justice League comic, which, if my understanding is correct, was inadequately extreme. I figured I would give a little bit of information about what the heck this book even is before diving right into it.

Extreme Justice starts with Captain Atom getting fed up with the JLA around the time Ice died and decided to form his own team. That’s about the only explanation I can find anywhere, though it actually doesn’t make any sense in-universe since the first issue of Extreme Justice was released in January 1995, though both Captain Atom and Blue Beetle appeared to be a part of the JLA during the “Way of the Warrior” storyline in Guy Gardner: Warrior, which started in July 1995. In fairness, I am probably the only person on Earth who has spent any amount of time trying to piece together both the Extreme Justice and Guy Gardner: Warrior timelines, so I guess I can’t blame them for not worrying about it too much.

As far as the team itself went, the roster had a pretty good mix of old and new. A few more people joined up along the way but the starting team consisted of the following members: Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior Annual #2: Once Upon a Time


TGH: Welcome back, those who have somehow not yet run away screaming, to what I swear is the for-real, actual last issue of Guy Gardner: Warrior! Beau Smith must have had some dirt on someone at DC, because despite his series being cancelled, he still gets another, longer issue. Since there were so many loose ends in the last one, what with him murdering anyone who ever looked at him funny, I’m sure this post-ending issue will bring plenty to the table! Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #44: The Last Stand


TGH: Welcome back, dear readers, to the final canonical issue of Guy Gardner: Warrior! It’s been a while due to the holidays, but if I recall, last time Guy jealously stole Christmas from Heroville until he realized that gifts and decorations aren’t what Christmas is about at all!

QP: Are you sure? I thought he was desperately trying to get a General Glory chew toy for G’nort and ended up riding a float in the Christmas parade?

TGH: I think at some point Goldface and Black Hand tried to break into Warrior’s but fell victim to a bunch of traps that Guy set.

DN: We don’t actually want to talk about this issue, do we? Continue reading

Guy Gardner: Warrior #43: You Broke My Heart…So I Busted Your Jaw


TGH: Welcome, dear friends, to the beginning of the end! Last week we got all of Beau Smith’s transphobic rage out of the way, so we can get to the meat of the Guy Gardner saga: a boss rush! No, not with the Tormocks, the ancient alien race that wanted to enslave the entire universe. All of those other assholes. Continue reading