Site Update: Christmas Vacation!


December is already here, which means that 2016 is almost mercifully at it’s end! This has been a real busy year for all of us, so due to that and the impending family obligations that the holidays bring, we are taking the rest of the year off for our own sanity. We’ll be back some time in January to finish off Extreme Justice, which we are somehow already about 75% of the way through already. What comes afterwards is still in the air; as much fun as DC has given us, we might end up taking on a title from another publisher for the sake of fairness.

As we head out for the month, I want to extend our gratitude to our readers. Whether you’re here regularly or just happened upon us while searching for Guy Gardner/Militia slash art and decided to stick around for a bit, we appreciate you.

Enjoy your holiday(s) of choice, and we will see you in 2017!

Extreme Justice #12: Kings Healing


TGH: Welcome back to our exciting journey through DC’s greatest series of all time: Extreme Justice! Last time, Carol Ferris joined the team, and then a crossover happened, and then she left, creating zero actual effect on this title! What will happen this time? I mean, besides literally anything since we ended with a massive push of the reset button last time.

Continue reading

Extreme Justice #11: Creation for Two


TGH: Welcome once again to the never-ending journey of life and love that is Extreme Justice! Last time, Plastique had a bachelorette party, but the writers were mandated to include an Underworld Unleashed storyline, so the party ended up just being about Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire, a person that nobody was friends with or even cared about.  Separated from Carol and super pregnant, Star Sapphire has no choice but to straight up cut Maxima in half, further drawing attention away from Plastique and the actual event in her honor. Will she get any attention this issue? Will a new artist take over for the second half of this story, making things unnecessarily difficult to follow? Let’s find out! Continue reading

Extreme Justice #10: Sapphire Blues


TGH: Welcome back, true doom Atomheads, to another magnificent issue of Extreme Justice! Last issue, the Wonder Twins landed on Earth and were almost immediately murdered/kidnapped thanks to this book’s protagonists! How will they ever make things right? Will they make things right? Will they immediately go do something else and not care about it at all (yes)? Continue reading

Extreme Justice #9: Extremities


TGH: Welcome once again to Extreme Justice! Last time, Captain Atom proposed to Plastique, in the most unasked-for comic pairing since The Yazz and anyone who isn’t me. I’m wondering how long they can drag this engagement out, but judging by this cover of this issue, it looks like we’re already jumping to the kinky as hell bachelor party! Continue reading

Extreme Justice #8: Look Before You Quantum Leap


TGH: Welcome back to the world of comics horror! Last time, Captain Atom’s arch nemesis Monarch came back from the dead and started saving lives, which pissed Atom off to no end. Breaking into his compound by pretending that Firestorm is dying, Monarch reveals himself as none other than Also Captain Atom! Perhaps, even, a BETTER Captain Atom! How will Atom handle the fact that the person he hates most is himself? Will we see two Captain Atom deaths? Does the world love us that much? Continue reading

Extreme Justice #7: The Once and Future Monarch


TGH: Welcome back to a very special* issue of Extreme Justice! Last time, Booster and Beetle violently overthrew a video game company, Maxima embarrassed Captain Atom, Captain Atom disappointed both Maxima and Plastique, Firestorm burned Beetle’s clothes off, Oberon learned how to use a phone, and Amazing-Man apparently locked himself in a broom closet. Unfortunately, Captain Atom’s arch-nemesis Monarch, once thought dead, has arrived in New York. Can everyone put their issues aside to face this new menace?

*Specialness not guaranteed

QP: Looks like Monarch invited the team to his S&M dungeon.

BW: Does his dungeon have weird lighting or is his leather daddy gear generated by Green Lantern? Inquiring minds and all that. Continue reading

Extreme Justice #6: Housekeeping


TGH: Welcome back to Extreme Justice, one of history’s most revered sequential art experiences! Last week, Ronnie Raymond’s old friend Professor Stein showed up and almost destroyed the entire planet on accident, but then got bored and left forever. On the plus side, Ronnie isn’t dying of cancer and can now join the team as Firestorm. What exciting new adventures will our ever-growing team get into today?

QP: Judging by the cover, it’s a This is Your Life special gone horribly wrong.

TGH: I feel you, Booster. I yell this at least once an hour while we review these things.

QP: Nobody wants to life live as a robot with perfectly coiffed hair. Continue reading

Extreme Justice #5: Atomic Nights


TGH: Welcome to the next issue of Extreme Justice, an Extreme Production.


TGH: Last time, the team, with the exception of Maxima, who sulked in her death tower, and Captain Atom, who was there the entire time but was completely useless, saved Firestorm from setting Pittsburgh on fire. But now, Martin Stein, Firestorm’s old acquaintance and a fire elemental, is coming to Earth to create even more fire! How will they get out of this, their 6th consecutive fire-based crisis? Continue reading